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Promote Your Local Community by Creating a Board on InstantLocal!

Everyone talks about acting local, that’s why we built the app so you can. Walk through these simple steps to create a board on InstantLocal and in seconds you will be promoting what you love most about your local scene!

We all know word of mouth makes or breaks a local business. Now you can be a Local Advocate and making a difference in your community. Share what you know so your favorite local businesses grow and prosper!

It’s easy – get started in just three simple steps! Just download the app, login and create a board. From there you can add the businesses you want to promote, share to get followers and check out your stats.
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How to Create a Board on InstantLocal

Sign in, or sign up for the app and go to your account settings

How to create a board on instantlocal

Start a new board, choose businesses and share.

instantlocal create a board
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Pro Tips

Now that you have got the hang of creating a new board, check out our pro-tips to help you master the system!

1 Quickly Navigate Board Tool
2 Board Manager Navigation
Board manager pro tip
3 Share Your Board. Get Followers!
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