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Got the Latest InstantLocal App Update?

InstantLocal-App-UpdatesWe have just released a new updated version of the InstantLocal app.

It’s a big milestone.

Over the past 2 months we have tested our app with the local Austin businesses, users and local advocates to get first hand feedback, suggestions and ideas for future improvements.

This is all part of a beta release and it’s a critical part of the journey. It helps us improve InstantLocal to make sure it meets the needs of locals, local advocates and local businesses.

From the feedback we implemented many improvements to the usability, quality, performance and features of the app. The insights also have added lots of ideas to the product roadmap.

So what’s new and great about this release? Lots, but here are some of the key improvements.

For everyone:

– Our new logo and app icon
– A new first time user tour that can be accessed anytime
– Access to changing views, categories and location from the home screen by tapping Options
– Sort posts by newest or nearest to you
– New design for InstantLocal boards
– Listing all businesses on boards, even if they have no current offers
– Support for Dallas/Fort Worth as we expand

For Local Businesses:

– Default text is automatically removed from photo posts
– New ability to edit and repost existing photo posts
– Ability to hide your address
– Ability to hide your hours of operation

For Local Advocates:

– Listing businesses even if they don’t have offers
– Metrics to monitor performance
– Better design layout to promote your brand

We have also made performance improvements so the app is faster than ever.

There are many more updates and improvements to make as we move through the beta journey, so watch this space and keep providing your feedback.

We are proud of our new release and the intense work from everyone on our team. We want you to download it, share it with your friends and families and help us make InstantLocal even better.

Download the InstantLocal app on Android or Apple.


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