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InstantLocal add your business

Add Your Business to InstantLocal

InstantLocal add your business

When you create your first post on InstantLocal you are setting up your business too.

Walk through these simple steps to get your business on InstantLocal, and post your first offer! After you get set up on the app you can add new posts in seconds, your information is already there.
Before you know it you will be engaging consumers in the moment, with geo-targeted offers that inspire impulse purchases!
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Pro Tips

Now that you have got the hang of adding posts to your business, check out our pro-tips to help you master the system!

1 Quickly Navigate Post Tool
InstantLocal Quickly navigate post tool
2 Add a Logo & Header Image
instant local-addlogo
3 Add Edit text
Pro-tip InstantLocal

David Didn’t Have to Fight Amazon’s Delivery Fleet


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