We founded InstantLocal in November 2015, choosing Austin as our home base – a city known for its diverse local businesses and “Keeping it Weird”. Our goal is to give local businesses and local consumers a new way to make a real-time and direct connection, free of competing ads, user reviews and sponsored content. We think this is important as everyday whether we are at home or travelling we all want to do stuff, eat or shop somewhere nearby. And unless you know the names of the local businesses it can be hard to even get started. Don’t get us started on out of date search results…
InstantLocal is not about telling you what to do or buy, we are not in the business of curating what we think is right for you. You’re a grown up, you can think for yourself!


With InstantLocal a business can create a digital storefront window by creating photo posts to engage local consumers.

All a business needs to do is snap a pic (or select an existing one), tag it with a title and description and post it live on InstantLocal. In just 3 easy steps your business can publish online a new post that any InstantLocal user can see. Not only can you see the latest posts in real-time, you can select nearest to get the local neighborhood options too, helping you to make the most of your local choices.

You can view maps, share posts with others and check out other posts from local business or collections of posts on local boards – think Best Tacos in Austin.

The InstantLocal app will be released in Austin first, as our beta launch, in September 2016.  And after a few upgrades based on your feedback, we will progressively roll out InstantLocal to more cities across the US and internationally.

If you are an Austin business its time to raise your voice above the noise!

Businesses – Sign up now and get your account free for one year! Plus we have a bunch of other great benefits, including promotions in our advertising and marketing, support to help you get started on InstantLocal, hands on help if you need it, and more.

Austinites – Sign up so when we launch you’ll be the first to know! Plus once you sign up you can recommend your local favorites so we don’t miss anyone!



We are  experienced business owners who have successful created, grown and exited a number of businesses from web hosting to a successful vintage clothing chain. We love technology, and have built businesses in everything from web design and development, e-commerce, online marketing and consulting. Combining our perspectives from both inside and outside technology, allows us to help other businesses adopt and use the Internet to grow.

Ricky and Vance met in Costa Rica in 2012 and have worked together since. In 2015 we decided to move forward with the idea behind InstantLocal, drawing on years of experience and a passion to make a difference for local small and medium sized businesses.

In 2016 Gabriel Killian joined our team, bringing his experience with Identonfy.com and local sustainable development.

Read more about our journey in our blog series called “From the Jungle to Silicon Valley”.


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For more information on our company and our app, email us at info@instantlocal.com.

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